Garage Door Remote Is Not Working Consistently

 Garage Door Remote Is Not Working Consistently

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Garage Door Remote Is Not Working Consistently

Garage Door Remote Is Not Working Consistently

A garage door remote makes it possible for the door to open and close without you leaving the car or manually lifting the door. The remote sends a signal to a receiver to trigger the movement of the door.

To ensure that it’s working, it must be within the specified IR signal range. However, you need to check if the garage door remote is not working consistently.

This guide will help you identify what is wrong with your remote and the steps you can do to fix it.

Remote Battery Is Dead

When was the last time you replaced the batteries of your remote? Last two to three years ago? If so, you need to know that batteries last for two years before replacing them.

If you notice your garage door remote is not working consistently, then this might be the cause.

If the opener remote suddenly stops sending signals to your door to move, consider replacing the batteries first before calling a garage door repair company near you.

Lock Button is Activated

Make sure that the lock button on your overhead door’s control panel is not engaged. If it’s activated, it won’t make the door open when you click the remote.

If this happens to be the case, press the lock button to disengage.

Then, test the door’s operation by activating the open button on the panel. The door should open or close.

Signal is Interrupted

If your overhead door still doesn’t respond, there might be an interruption in the signal between the remote and the opener transmitter.

The causes of signal interruption stem from out of range or damaged antennae.

Position yourself 20 feet away from the garage door and press the button. If you are farther away, the signal is not strong enough to make the door open. But if it works, then there’s no problem with your remote.

Then, check the antenna if you see signs of damage or debris build-up. If you see these signs, call an emergency garage door service in Mississauga to fix it for you.

Remote Opener Requires Reprogramming

When you have done the necessary steps above, but the remote still does not work, then you can reprogram the setting on your remote.

To reprogram, follow these steps, or you can watch this short video: 

  1. Press the learn button on the opener.
  2. After 30 seconds, hold the remote control for 3 seconds or until the opener’s lights blink.
  3. Then, test the remote again to open or close if it’s working.

System Control Wiring is Faulty

You might want to check your opener door’s system control wiring if the methods above did not work. Test the wiring by following these steps:

  1. Unplug the opener from the power source.
  2. Detach the two wires from the motor.
  3. Power up your opener once again, and delete all data and reprogram the remote controls.
  4. Disconnect the wiring from the wall-mounted controls.
  5. Finally, test the remote. The door should be working again.

GFI is damaged

Another reason your garage door remote is not working is that the Ground Fault Interpreter (GFI) is damaged.

GFI secures your home from overheating and other electrical dangers. If you ever used your hairdryer and accidentally hit the wall outlet’s reset button, you might have experienced the GFI interfering to prevent a fuse from happening.

Concerning the garage door, if a GFI is blown, it would stop the door from functioning again. You can fix it by clicking the reset button on the garage door’s wall outlet.

Count on A1 Garage Doors for Your Garage Door Needs!

Even after following the troubleshooting steps and your garage door remote is not working consistently, you can count on A1 Garage Doors to inspect it. Depending on the issues found, we recommend replacing your remote or other parts that can contribute to a malfunctioning garage door.

With over 12 years of providing residential and commercial garage door repairs in Mississauga, rest assured that we will fix your remote or other parts in your overhead door in no time. We provide 24 7 garage door repairs so that you can call us anytime!

After all, overhead doors can be quite complex equipment, and you need the most reliable garage door repair company to solve the issues for you.

Let us know your concerns, and we’ll be there right away to fix your garage door.

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