Garage Door Opener Installation Vancouver

 Garage Door Opener Installation Vancouver

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An automated garage door opener offers convenience to homeowners in Vancouver.

It is also one of the best-value investments you can spend for your home.

If your garage door opener needs replacement, then this guide fits for you.


It’s a great choice to buy a garage door opener in this technology age.

It’s convenient, hassle-free, and inexpensive depending on what type of garage door you’re going to buy.

Here are the things that make it convenient in many ways:

  1. Remote – The most convenient way to operate your garage door is through a remote control. It opens and closes your garage door wherever you are as long as it’s within range.
  2. Manual release feature – Garage door openers are automated, but they also have a manual release feature if you want to open it manually. If you’re going to give your car some ventilation, the manual release button lifts the door a couple of feet off the ground.
  3. Security lights – We recommend having your lights located above your overhead door as you drive your car through it. Security light automatically activates when the door is activated. In this manner, you can have enough visibility for you to safely park in your garage during the night. It will turn off when there’s no activity.
  4. Automation – Some garage door openers function like Siri. So if you want your kids to enter the house through your garage, you can command, “Open the garage door, Siri,” and the door will open.
  5. Vehicle compatibility – There are cars with built-in technology. So if you want to activate your door without your remote, you can prompt it using your car’s smart technology.
  6. Auto-close – It allows you to keep your garage open at your chosen time after you’ve parked your car.

Types of Garage Door Opener

These are the different types of garage door opener with different mechanisms in operating.

Chain Drive

It is the most common type and the cheapest option out of the bunch.

It’s one of the homeowner’s most popular choices.

Its mechanism includes a chain attached to a trolley that elevates and lowers the door. It’s great for lifting even the heaviest garage door.

However, it can be very noisy.

If you are noise-sensitive and do not want to disturb your neighbors, this is not for you.

Belt Drive

It uses a rubber belt to elevate and lower the door.

Belt Drive is considered the most premium option because it’s the quietest type, and it won’t disturb your neighbors and your family.

However, it’s the most expensive option. But if you’re willing to pay for what it gives, then belt drive is the one for you.

Screw Drive

It uses a threaded steel rod responsible for moving the trolley. It’s perfect for tilted one-piece doors.

It’s also a quieter option than chain drives and is the most durable type.

However, if your garage door has panels, then this is not an option for you.

Direct Drive

It does not require a chain, belt, or rod to function; instead, it uses a motor, ideal for any situation.

It operates smoothly and quietly and requires low maintenance.

Furthermore, it is a good option for all homeowners with varying property sizes or layout.

How much Horsepower do you need?

The larger and heavier your garage door is, the more power you need to open it. These are some options you can choose:

 ½ Horsepower

Half Hp is a popular option for 15-16 foot wide garage doors, which is the standard size.

 ⅓ Horsepower

A one-third horsepower garage door opener is excellent for single-car garage doors.

¾ Horsepower

It’s perfect for custom-made garage doors and is more popular than other HPs.

1 Horsepower

A one-horsepower motor is ideal for the largest and heaviest garage doors, including overhead and segmented garage doors.


The typical range of installing or replacing a garage door opener in Vancouver costs between $241 – $591.

For most services, expect to pay an additional $150-$500 for the parts and another $65 to $85 per hour for labor.

However, some factors, such as brand, model, and Horsepower, can affect the installation’s final price.


You might need some handyman skills if you want to install a garage door opener on your own.

Since Vancouver is one of the world’s largest cities and a thriving business location, finding the best garage door repair company is not a problem.

For your overhead garage door installation and garage door opener maintenance, trust only Vancouver Overhead Doors.

Call us at (778) 654 6470 and experience best-in-class overhead garage door opener installation.

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