Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension ✔️ Call 2 Fix

 Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension ✔️ Call 2 Fix

It’s common knowledge that all overhead doors nowadays are automated.

With the invention of garage door openers, you can click the remote to move the door at your will.

That’s why it can be inconvenient and annoying to find your garage door remote won’t respond to the opener.

Besides, who wants to get stuck either inside or outside of the garage, right?

When you notice problems on the opener and remote, it might be due to a compromised signal range between the devices.

Due to constant usage and other factors such as electrical interference and a dead battery, the remote signal to transmit to the opener may be affected.

Usually, a garage signal range can extend up to 4 to 5 car lengths.

This is the average range to ensure that you can safely open the door with a remote when you park your car inside the garage.

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