Garage Door Making Noise ✔️ Call 2 Fix

 Garage Door Making Noise ✔️ Call 2 Fix

You suddenly notice your garage door making unusual noises when you leave for work – probably a grinding or a squeaky sound as it moves.

While your garage door may operate well, the noise can be off-putting as it can also disturb your neighbors.

However, not all homeowners know the real reason behind these noises.

Eventually, you might need to get the garage door fixed.

If your garage door makes noise such as grinding, rattling, popping, or squeaking, you need to know the underlying issue.

Keep reading to learn the causes of garage door making noise and what to do about it.

Causes of Garage Door Noises

Noises produced from overhead doors are irritating and disturbing.

When you begin to detect these issues, you should know their possible causes.

Here are some of the causes of why garage door making noises.

Old garage door:

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