Garage Door Cable Replacement: Why You Need It?

Garage Door Cable Replacement – A garage door’s mechanism includes multiple mobile components working harmoniously together.

It is engineered to be sturdy and pliable.

Garage door cables bear the entire weight of overhead doors.

Also, it operates in unison with garage door springs in assisting the door to complete its cycle of opening and closing.

However, it is not invincible against breakage, and repairs might be needed.

Nevertheless, there is no reason to be disheartened and learn more about why it is a must to replace deteriorated garage door cables.

Three Common Types of Garage Door Cables

The spring system installed in a homeowner’s overhead door determines the appropriate cable type that should be used for their garage door.

Extension Springs

The cables for this kind of spring loops on a vertical pole positioned above an overhead door stretching from one point to another.

As the name suggests, it requires cables with an extended length.

Torsion Springs

A type of spring with cables coiled in a drum mounted on either side of an overhead door.

Safety Cables

It is a precautionary measure that a garage door repair company attaches to an overhead door during installation to mitigate dangerous circumstances from happening if it malfunctions.

What Went Wrong?

Garage door cables are mostly made of steel with an inlay of iron, zinc, or steel.

Garage door cable undergoes the process of galvanization to reinforce it with a protective layer against rust.

Moreover, it is designed to withstand a substantial amount of pressure and friction, although it is inevitable for signs of wear and tear to appear over time slowly.

Ruptured Garage Door Cable

An overhead door can suddenly cease to function if a shattered cable accidentally activates a safety feature.

Furthermore, overhead doors that utilize torsion spring systems have drums wherein the cables coil can also abruptly halt its motion if it has cracked.

A homeowner is advised not to temporarily stop using their overhead door till a repair has been done.

Torn Strands

A single line of garage door cable consists of interwoven strands of finer and thinner steel.

Depending on the severity of the tear it has sustained, a garage door cable’s capability can be exceedingly diminished and can result in inconveniencing homeowners.

An obvious indicator that a problem such as this has started to occur is when an overhead door appears unbalanced whenever used.

If one of its sides looks tilted, the probability that a garage door cable has become loose is high.

Tangled Cables

An overhead door with a torsion spring system has cables that coil in a drum.

However, unforeseen instances can cause lines to disarray when it is retracting an overhead door.

As a consequence, a garage door might have difficulties in proper functioning.

Sometimes it will show similar signs with a fraying garage door cable, and the door will look unbalanced.

Failing to address this matter can lead to an immobile overhead door.

Therefore, the easiest way out of this unfavorable and bothersome situation is to hire a professional in overhead door repairs.

Broken Garage Door Cable

Garage door cables that have unexpectedly snapped could pose a severe threat against homeowners’ well-being, primarily if this hazardous event occurred while the door is being used.

Due to the tension it has stored, it might flail around and hit valuable material possessions or, worse, inflict physical harm to a person that happens to be nearby.

Additionally, a severed garage door cable might have originated from a rusting chord that has been left unattended.

On top of that, a broken cable can cause an overhead door to drop to the ground briskly.

Fixing Garage Door Cables

Suppose soon, and an overhead door starts to malfunction and manifest signs of damage such as being uneven, getting stuck, or producing unusual sounds.

In that case, it is best to conduct a preliminary inspection to determine the possible source of the issue.

If a homeowner has found out that a cable does not seem to be in its ideal state, then the time of replacing it has come.

Do not even think about doing DIY repairs.

Unlike the other gears on an overhead system, fixing a garage door cable requires a professional’s attention.

Get in touch with a reliable overhead door repair company to perform the necessary garage door repairs.

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