Game Builder Garage (for Nintendo Switch) Review

 Game Builder Garage (for Nintendo Switch) Review

Anyone who seriously wants to become a video game designer studies Nintendo games. Over multiple decades, Nintendo’s titles have massively influenced numerous genres thanks to craft so experienced that the work looks effortless. Still, quality game design requires effort, and that effort requires a stronger teacher. With the $29.99 Game Builder Garage, the same Nintendo that makes many fantastic games now offers top-notch consumer video game development software.

What Kinds of Games Can You Make?

Nintendo has dabbled with game development software before, but those products tended to focus on relatively narrow game genres. Super Mario Maker 2 lets you create wildly imaginative Mario levels, but they still have to be side-scrolling platformers starring the plumber. WarioWare DIY lets you create your own microgames, but those are joke games that only last a few seconds. Labo VR Kit came with a surprisingly capable game editor, but those games were tethered to a cardboard virtual reality headset.

The most impressive thing about Game Builder Garage is how it sheds all these limitations. The full, 3D engine lets you create games in any genre, as long as you can figure out the logic to make it work. The game walks you through making platformers, racers, shooters, puzzlers, and other game types. Your titles can leverage all the Switch’s inputs, such as touch screen controls, motion controls, and IR camera. Even with this breadth of possibilities, Nintendo’s trademark visual…

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