Galesburg will finish replacing all lead water pipes by next year

 Galesburg will finish replacing all lead water pipes by next year

The city has just begun phase 5 of 6 of its renewal process and is hoping to remove 500 more lead lines this summer.

GALESBURG, Ill. – Galesburg says plan to replace lead water service tubes is nearing its end. Now the last 1,000 lines should be removed by next fall.

In the lead pipe replacement, the city is in the fifth of six phases. Your contractor plans to remove 500 lines this summer, beginning July 19, and complete the final 500 lines next year.

“We started exchanging Lead Service Lines in 2017. It’s a relief to be so close to the end of the exchange program,” said Tim Fey, Water Superintendent for Galesburg. “It is important that the leading service lines are replaced as this is a health problem. It’s a health problem. We’ve been dealing with this for a number of years and it will be a relief to finish. ”

All 3,000 lines were originally supposed to be replaced after Galesburg underwent an intensive EPA investigation for lead poisoning in children in 2015. Every summer since then, the city has hired JC Dillion, Inc., a private plumbing company, to solve the problem. Although the lines are owned by homeowners, Galesburg is paying the full replacement thanks to a forgivable loan from the state.

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“Our dig team will come through, they’ll dig the aqueduct,” said Jon Dillon, superintendent at JC Dillion. “Then they’ll put a cable through that [lead]…

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