Foul-Smelling Toilet? Here’s Why – and How to Fix It ✔️ Cleveland

 Foul-Smelling Toilet? Here’s Why – and How to Fix It ✔️ Cleveland

You can’t expect a toilet to smell good.

Even though it’s clean and you can’t see any residue, it’s where you conduct your dirtiest business.

Even so, your toilet shouldn’t smell excessively funky and foul either.

That just means something is wrong with your toilet area, and you need to fix it immediately.

Just imagine if a friend went over to your house for a surprise visit, and he finds out about your nasty toilet situation.

That would be a huge embarrassment for you.

So, do you have a foul-smelling toilet? Here’s why – and how to fix it.

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Unclean Toilet

Obviously, your toilet will reek of an unpleasant smell if you haven’t cleaned it in months.

Especially if you don’t flush immediately every after using it, the smell can linger throughout your bathroom.

The solution to this problem is easy.

Deeply clean your toilet and always flash every after use.

Make sure that you thoroughly clean the floors, walls, and other areas with possible mold and bacteria build-up.

Vent Pipe Issues

Broken or blocked vent pipes may also be the reason why you have a foul-smelling odor inside your toilet.

Since the air cannot…

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