Five Vlogs of the Future

 Five Vlogs of the Future

It’s easier than ever to find a streaming channel and spend hours in front of the screen. Those looking for inspiration or entertainment can easily lose track of time on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, or any other channels that allow vlogging.

Many follow vlogging accounts for the content they deliver, while others for the vlogger themselves. Some creators, like the infamous Logan Paul or Michael Buckley of the What The Buck Show, made their name via comedy.

But not all early vlogs chose a slapstick route to gain followers. In fact, one of the first industries to capitalize on the trend was poker. Though not typically considered a spectator sport, thousands of fans took to watching live games as mobile technology advanced in the early 2000s.

To this day, top vloggers allow remote viewers to gain insight and peek behind the curtain into the more nuanced and strategic aspects of the game. Poker players also helped introduce audiences to a new form of entertainment in vlogging—a way to live vicariously through others and maybe even pick up a skill along the way.

Today, some of the most popular vlogs worldwide follow a similar theme: clueing fans into an industry with limited transparency and showing them a few tricks along the way. Let’s take a look at which popular vlog topics are innovating.

One: Traveling Off the Beaten Path

International travel is one of the hottest subjects in social media and vlogging. Innovators post pictures and videos of tropical…

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