Father’s Day BBQ Gift Guide

 Father’s Day BBQ Gift Guide

Three Great New Grill Tools from BBQ Dragon

DENVER, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Father’s Day is coming, but are you stressed about what to get Dad? Of course not! Nobody stresses about Father’s Day gifts, because it’s so easy: Get stuff for his grill. Dads love grilling!

There is one tiny little challenge: You want to get him something he doesn’t already have. But that problem is easily solved this year because the grill company BBQ Dragon has just released 3 brand-spanking-new products that nobody has yet โ€“ including dear old Dad.

  • The “Chainmail” Grill Brush: If you’re worried about the danger of swallowing a wire bristle from a grill brush, this patent-pending brush uses links of “chainmail,” similar to the chainmail in medieval armor, to clean the grill more safely.

  • The “Double-Extreme” Grill Light: The world’s only double-headed LED grill light, the two super-bright LEDs are mounted on separate goosenecks, so you can light two areas โ€“ the grill and your prep surface, for example. Clips anywhere you need bright light.

  • The Chimney of Insanity “XL” version: BBQ Dragon’s popular charcoal chimney works with their BBQ Dragon grill fan to start charcoal in just 2 minutes โ€“ and they have just released this “XL” version, which they claim is the largest charcoal chimney in the world.

“We actually design products with Father’s Day in mind,” says George Prior, head of product development at BBQ Dragon. “We consider this our main holiday, even more than Fourth of July or…

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