Family-Owned, Family-Grown Business – MastersServices

 Family-Owned, Family-Grown Business – MastersServices

Every company has a story. Some are family-owned and some are run with strict business partners. Masters Services is a family-owned and operated corporation. Our company has been serving in the Dallas/Forth Worth area for 23 years now.

Starting a Business from Nothing

It all started with a newly wed couple, Chad and Christa Murray. They had dreamed of one day creating a trustworthy family business. At the time they had none of the tools to do so. Because of this, they accepted that their fantasy would remain.

In order to make a living, Chad had to work everyday of the week. He took a job as being window washer. This job was extremely laborious and tiring but it showed Chad just how much work actually goes into a business. This short-term job helped him realize he wanted to start up his own long-term company.

Chad talked with Christa and they both decided that they were going to start up the business. They were hesitant at first but they knew if they didn’t start now, they never would. Chad started by taking courses with a professional and then earned his own degree.

Certified Chimney

Chad is now a Certified Chimney Professional, which is actually very rare in the chimney industry. Most people start a chimney-related business off of the information they already know. Chad didn’t want to make the same unprofessional mistake other companies do.

Certified Master Chimney Technician 1

With Chad’s ambitious personality and Christa’s willingness to be patient, the company had officially opened for…

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