Expecting red-eyed guests

 Expecting red-eyed guests

The last time they came for an uninvited visit my daughters were much younger — Alex was 13, Chloe, 11 and Phoebe was 7 years old. Phoebe doesn’t even remember them visiting, but I do. I was in my 40s — good times.

Yes, 17 years ago this month a trillion red-eyed insects began crawling their way above ground in 14 states, including ours. Last week, I noticed about a couple dozen dime-sized ground holes when I was mulching. Some of the holes had cicada-made mud-chimney’s to keep their tunnels safe from the rain.

These ugly little insects will be crawling out of their in-ground homes when the soil temperature reaches 64 degrees consistently, usually after a good rain — so near the middle or end of May in our area.

I do remember in 2004, the Brood X cicada invasion was not that bad in our White River Township…

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