Everything you need to know to set up your own stock tank pool

 Everything you need to know to set up your own stock tank pool

Alright, so the summer months are coming and you might be preparing for a heatwave, but you can’t really afford a pool. So what do you do? Go for one of those above-ground pools that can easily cost you a couple of thousand dollars?! No way!

Instead, you could set yourself up a nice stock tank. It’s still going to cost you a few hundred dollars, but that’s a fraction of what you’d pay otherwise, and you still get a pool.

Alright, so the first thing first is you need to find a good location to put it and by that, I don’t mean somewhere pretty (although that helps). No, what you really need to find is some level ground so that the water in the tank isn’t sitting at an angle and looking weird. You can use a construction level to find some relatively straight ground around your property.

WORKPRO 3-Piece Spirit Level Set(9″, 16″, 24″), W002900A




I do need to point out that you really shouldn’t be putting a stock tank on a patio, as it can weigh as much as an SUV when it’s full. Make sure that wherever you put it, it can handle the weight.

If you don’t have any really straight ground on your property, I’d suggest getting some decorative pebbles or river stones to help even out…

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