Essential Garage Door Safety Features: Do You Have Them?

 Essential Garage Door Safety Features: Do You Have Them?

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When talking about electronic garage doors, its features pop up in your mind immediately for sure.

It is natural because many opt for this due to the added safety and security details.

Long ago, many families bought this entryway because they want an excellent entrance to cover their parking areas.

The purpose has changed over time.

Beauty and benefits have been the current reasons why many install a garage door.

The first is about adding beauty points. Accordingly, your curb appeal is maximized when you have it.

Its color and elegance are the pleasures you can have. With benefits, you have the best security for your car and home.

It is an excellent investment for family safety too.

With the recent innovations of technology, it also brought many alterations with garage doors.

You can open it before with remote control, but now, you can use your smartphone even if you are far from doing it.

You do not need to be present in the house. It is excellent if you have guests and packages to arrive.

However, it is not also alright at some point.

More security features are the answer to counteract the other inclusions of the garage door.

Here are some of them. Ponder now whether you have them.

Understand how each can help you feel more peace of mind anywhere you.

If you do have them and you are thinking of getting right away.

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Auto-reverse function

Do not be scared if your garage door suddenly rolls back as you close it.

Notably, it has an auto-reverse function. It is a standard equipped in the entranceway since 1991 after a series of accidents led to numerous injuries.

When the door sensor detects a pressing object under it, it will stop and reverse back.

It is an excellent feature because you might have pets and children at home.

It will help avoid any danger for them.

Let us face it, and they can’t stop sometimes coming into the parking area because they are excited to see you.

If this happens, you have the peace of mind that nothing will happen to them.

Garage Door Safety Code

In some garage doors, it has codes to help you open it manually.

It is accessible through the keypad attached to its opener.

Even if it is a significant safety factor, it has pros and cons.

The first is that you can use it despite the lack of remote control.

It is a precaution for those who are forgetful of the object.

On the other hand, it is dangerous. Anyone who knows the code could get in using it.

You better tell your family members to keep it a secret.

Photo-eye Sensor

Aside from the auto-reverse, there is also another sensor similar to it.

The photo-eye is another feature used to detect moving objects near or under the garage door.

It is attached 6 feet above the entranceway.

How does the photo-eye work? It stops the door from closing so you can avoid accidents when something blocks the entranceway.

Just make sure to clean and align it routinely so it would not give false signals.

SMART garage door features

Wifi connection is not only limited to smartphones and other gadgets.

Even your garage door could connect to it now. You can do several things using it.

Temperature alerts, security cameras, real-time reports, parking beams, and more are just some.

If you do not know how to activate your smart features, get a garage door expert’s help.

Get the best of what you have. Call right away!

Manual Release

Bad weather is a common incident anywhere.

When it rains so much, power interruption might happen.

It is why there is a manual release in your garage door.

You might have a detached parking area, and it is dangerous to be locked there during a storm.

Get back home safe and sound using the manual release.

You can find the manual release on the sides of your garage door.

Be familiar with it. Also, you should clean and lubricate now and then so it will solidly work during emergencies.

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