Emergency Garage Door Repair Vancouver

 Emergency Garage Door Repair Vancouver

Garage doors are one of the most important aspects of home security.

However, its continual everyday use may cause damage to its key components.

As a result, your garage door needs maintenance to restore it.

Seldom, simple maintenance will be enough to recover a working condition, but you still need significant repairs.

Discussed below are some of the important things you need to know about garage door repairs and when to take action.

Common Garage Door Problems

No matter how reliable your garage door is, it will experience wear and tear after some time.

The following are the most common garage door problems you are likely to encounter and how you can fix them:

Noisy garage door

Noisy garage doors are troublesome whenever you have to operate the door. The noise is mostly caused by:

  • Rusty hinges – lubrication can help to avoid rusting or apply silicone-based grease.
  • Rattling rollers – If your garage door is noisy, it could be that some of the nuts, bolts, and screws on your garage door are loose. Tighten the hardware with a wrench and socket set, and will likely silence the problem.

If you notice any noises when operating your garage door, it is essential to have it taken care of before it deteriorates.

Garage doors should always work silently.

Frozen Garage Door

Vancouver is known for its cold and rainy winters. It is commonly the reason for garage door problems.

The cold moisture sometimes makes the garage door freeze to the garage floor due to the ice between them.

However, this is just a simple problem that can be solved by installing a garage heater or clearing away the ice.

Also, Lubricating rollers can help with this problem.

Methods for adjusting sensitivity vary, so consult the brand’s manual for directions.

Furthermore, check it daily to ensure that no snow or ice is building up in the tracks or where your garage door rests.

The best time to check is in the morning – ice build-up is most common overnight.

Keeping the area dry prevents freezing, but you should take caution not to damage the door or the seal when clearing or scraping the opener.

Broken Glass

While glass offers a unique, modern, and contemporary look, it is sometimes the source of your garage door issues.

Many homeowners are already aware of this common issue primarily.

If you have children and a play area in your compound, then you had to deal with broken glass at some point.

Broken glass is not only a security issue but also a safety problem.

Not to mention those birds and any harmful insects can quickly get in and reside in your garage.

Fortunately, you can easily replace a pane of glass without calling experts for help.

In addition, the techniques used in reinstalling glass of your garage door are just the same as replacing the glazing in a house window.

Materials needed are available at any local hardware store.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

Unless you have a manual garage door, there’s always the risk of your garage door opener failing.

So, when your garage door opener malfunctions, it can leave you stuck outside, most unfortunately during snow or rainstorm.

It is not a pleasant experience, and it’s very inconvenient.

Though it may seem complicated, there are several easy actions to diagnose and repair common garage door opener problems.

Some of the common problems with garage door openers include the door failing to respond to the remote control or mounted keypad.

To solve such problems, try moving closer to the door to re-establish a strong connection between the remote control and the garage door opener.

You may be out of range of the antenna inside the garage.

Usual modern garage door openers have small radios that operate at about 315mH, and a few feet of extra distance can affect the signal.

Furthermore, when the garage door is reversing when operated, and the door fails to open or close completely, consider adjusting the up-limit switch or the close-limit switch.

Your garage door has set-limit switches that instruct the motor when to stop running when it is opening or closing.

If the close-limit button sets incorrectly, it may prevent the door from closing.


Garage door emergencies demand a quick and thorough fix.

As soon as you notice subtle symptoms like noises, broken glasses, and other irregularities, contact your nearest garage door repair technicians immediately.

For emergency garage door repairs in Vancouver, trust only Vancouver Overhead Doors.

Our team is your best partner for any garage door installation projects. Contact us at (778) 654 6470, and we’ll set an appointment for your next garage door installation.

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