Emergency Garage Door Repair Edmonton

 Emergency Garage Door Repair Edmonton

Emergency Garage Door Repair in Edmonton

It’s almost midnight when you arrive at home, only to get surprised your garage door is not functioning anymore.

You don’t know the cause of your malfunctioning garage door, and you want to get it fixed right away.

If you’re looking for an emergency garage door repair in Edmonton, Overhead Door Pros will respond to you in no time.

With 15 years in overhead door repairs, we have gathered certified technicians to do the job for you – whether you have a noisy garage door or jammed doors.

We know the importance of having your garage door fixed since it protects your vehicle and belongings from damage and threats.

Since Edmonton is a metropolitan area where over a million people reside, we know that serving the area is essential. Residents use cars for main transportation; hence, they need a garage to park their vehicles.

Rely on Overhead Door Pros, and we will quickly and efficiently do our job once you call us.

Garage Door Repair in Edmonton

Overhead door problems can arise at any time, that’s why we provide emergency repairs in Edmonton.

When you notice your garage door is malfunctioning during a holiday season or midnight, call us, and we’ll provide the highest quality service you need.

Furthermore, know the various services we offer to understand how we deal with any overhead door problems.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Once you find out your garage door refuses to either open or close, a garage door opener is most likely the cause.

If your opener is automatic, it can stem from technical problems such as a broken photo-eye sensor or if the circuit inside your opener is having problems.

Whatever the problems are, or what type of opener you have, we will identify the root cause of the problem, and we’ll work from there to fix it for you.

Cable Repair

Cable allows for the garage door’s smooth operation. However, it starts to wear out over time, causing it to snap, which can heavily injure a person if he happens to be in the way.

If you notice your garage door is having cable problems, it’s wise to tap into a garage door repair in Edmonton instead of doing it yourself.

A DIY fix can be cheap, but it can create more problems if you don’t have prior experience fixing the cable. Besides, repairing or replacing a cable needs a highly-skilled professional to do the job.

With Overhead Door Pros, we know the right procedure to ensure a safety fix for your garage door. We also have the appropriate tools and expertise to address the problem.

Rollers, Hinges & Sensors Repair

If your garage door is taking time to open or close, or you hear squeaky noise during operation, then the rollers, sensors, or hinges might be the culprit.

Rollers and hinges, if not lubricated well or if it shows signs of damage, can affect the movement of your overhead door.

Sensors, on the other hand, can affect the door’s movement. It can be fully functional when there’s no obstruction blocking the sensors. However, if you notice no obstacles in sight and the garage door fails to move, seek advice from professionals as soon as possible.

No matter if it’s a faulty roller, hinge, and sensor, Overhead Door Pros will inspect what needs to be done. Then, we’ll identify if it needs a simple cleaning, repair, or a complete replacement.

Spring Replacement

Aside from cable, a spring is responsible for the smooth movement of your garage door.

However, it can also be susceptible to damage and wearing.

If you have a damaged spring, make sure to call for a garage door repair company in Edmonton to replace it for you. You might expose yourself to injuries and accidents if you attempt a DIY fix.

Track Repair and Replacement

A track balances the garage door’s movement, allowing it to move without issues. But if your door is off-track, then a repair or replacement is required.

Prolonging the issue on your track can contribute to more problems. The track may need a replacement rather than just a simple repair.

Whatever the condition of your track, ask help from a garage door repair company to fix it right away for you.

Need Professional Help?

Don’t ever attempt to fix your garage door problems by yourself to prevent injuries.

Once you team up with us, we will promptly cater to you especially if you need an emergency garage door repair in Edmonton.

Once you notice some issues with your overhead door, don’t hesitate to call us to witness how we do the work.

Call us to get an estimated quote from us!

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