Electrical fires at home can be protected against

 Electrical fires at home can be protected against

Springtime is peak home-buying and homebuilding season. And it’s critical to protect one of the largest investments you’ll make in a lifetime — as well as your loved ones.

May, National Electrical Safety Month, is a good time to brush up on potential electrical hazards and learn more about Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) circuit breaker technology, an important life and fire safety device for any new or newly renovated home — and a National Electrical Code requirement.

“Ensuring your home is outfitted with life-saving technology like Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters is critical,” says Ashley Bryant, co-chairman of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Low Voltage Distribution Equipment AFCI Task Force. “AFCIs are smart devices proven to detect dangerous arcing in damaged wiring behind walls, as well as in damaged electrical cords under furniture or connected to unsafe appliances, preventing deadly…

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