Electric Fireplaces — Safe, Cozy, Clean Flames

 Electric Fireplaces — Safe, Cozy, Clean Flames

In past articles, we’ve profiled some of the key technologies that are essential to the all-electric modern home of the future: heat pumps for space heating; induction stoves for incredibly precise and fast cooking; electric cars for pollution-free transportation; and heat pump water heaters for hot water.

To this list we now add the electric fireplace. The electric fireplace is a radically improved, often overlooked, technology that has a ton going for it. Not only does it kick one of the last bastions of natural gas out of the house, but it brings an electric coziness that people usually associate with burning things.

My family just purchased an electric fireplace, which we will install later this month, and Electrify Now is delivering a webinar on this topic next week, so I thought it would be good timing to explore this…

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