Easy salad recipe ideas you can make at home

 Easy salad recipe ideas you can make at home

Did you know that May is National Salad Month? What better place than the Garden State to enjoy a great freshly made salad.

Here in New Jersey, we have some of the best places to get a great salad. But one of the many things that’s great about a salad, along with the nutritional value, is that you can personalize the ingredients to make it your own. That’s something that you cannot get on a restaurant menu.

While there are many types of salads to choose from, such as Caesar or cobb, I have never seen a “Jersey” salad. So I asked my social media:

“If you were going to make a “Jersey salad” What would you put in it? What kind of dressing?  Here are some of the answers. Enjoy and know that while you’re doing so, like your mother would say “Eat! It’s good for you!”

Lynn Ann Murray
Well since we are the Garden State, lettuce ,jersey tomatoes , cucumber , onion , peppers , cranberries ( we have many Bogs ) , pork roll and Bagel pieces as…

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