Easy DIY Home Repairs – The New York Times

 Easy DIY Home Repairs – The New York Times

Some newer toilets use a canister with a thin rubber washer instead of a traditional flapper, Ms. Sebestyen said. In those toilets, replacement washers aren’t universal, so it’s important to buy a part designed specifically for your brand of toilet.

Tools and supplies: replacement toilet flapper or washer.

When a doorknob or tumbling toddler punctures the wall, it’s relatively easy to plug the hole. “You don’t have to have a lot of fancy tools, and there aren’t a lot of technical steps involved,” said Kevin Busch, the vice president of operations at Mr. Handyman, a national home repair company.

Small dings and holes about the size of a nailhead can simply be filled with spackling paste — push the spackling into the hole with a putty knife, scrape it flush, let it dry and then sand it flush with the wall. If a divot remains, add a second coat.

A large hole measuring a few inches or more in diameter…

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