Drab To Fab: Rejuvenating Your Garage

 Drab To Fab: Rejuvenating Your Garage

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Our kitchens sparkle, our bathrooms shine, and our living rooms impress and intimidate in equal measure with their wall-devouring art. At least, that’s the dream. From a marble counter to a designer couch, we all have a dream home in mind…but what about a garage?

It may seem a funny idea, but the space we use to store our trash and tools has far more uses than we give it credit for. Think outside the box (or rectangle, or…whichever shape your garage takes) and you’ll find a space screaming out for some imagination. Today we look at ways to do just that, transforming that unloved part of all of our homes.

Elbow Grease

The state of our garages is only ever matched by the unkempt wasteland that is a teenager’s den of a room. Just think about the piles of empty boxes, unused purchases and garden tools gathering dust. What a waste of perfectly usable space!

By now you’ve probably seen this first step coming: get out there and get moving. This is the perfect opportunity to sort through the trash and ‘I’ll use it some day’ clutter that seems to grow of its own accord over time like some junkyard beast.

If the process seems daunting, rope in a friend or two (Tip: Drinks and snacks are a great form of bribery), and set about separating the mess into distinct piles. One for the stuff you’re keeping, another for the dump, and another for the items that could be recycled or reused.


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Once those piles are…

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