DPNR Working on Septic Issues at Newly Reopened Fish Market

 DPNR Working on Septic Issues at Newly Reopened Fish Market

DPNR Commissioner Jean Pierre Oriol said on Friday before the Finance Committee of the VI. (Photos by Barry Leerdam, Legislative of the Virgin Islands)

The newly built La Reine fish market in St. Croix, which reopened four months ago after its predecessor closed in 2007 due to septic and health issues, already has some of the same septic issues, and Planning and Natural Resources is working to address the issue , DPNR Commissioner Jean Pierre Oriol reported to the Senators on Friday.

The fish market opened for $ 205,000 in 2002 and closed just five years later, in November 2007, after a newspaper report cataloging problems prompted a closer investigation by the VI Department of Health. This inspection identified poor drainage and plumbing, unsanitary bathrooms, and other maintenance issues.

The inspectors found full sewage tanks, drains clogged with fish scales and broken toilets. St. Croix Fishermen applauded the closure By that time, conditions in many places had deteriorated so much that they had to be closed for repairs. Vandals clogged the drains with crushed beer cans.

It reopened at the end of February with new stalls, drains, ice containers and a new clarification system.

During the agency’s budget hearing on Friday, St. Croix asked Senator Novella Francis Oriol if the agency had received any complaints about the market.

“I mentioned earlier that we would have to come and pump out the septic tank,” Oriol said. “The amount of waste and water put together,…

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