Don’t delay when preparing your home for wildfire season

 Don’t delay when preparing your home for wildfire season

Hotter days bring the danger of wildfires to many parts of the western United States. 

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Summer means much more than just the promise of travel and the opportunity to bury your winter coat in the closet. For different areas of the country it also brings more worrying periods. On the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, June 1 is the official start of hurricane season, and in the West, the long days bring the danger of wildfires. Months after the winter rains ended (if we got them at all), warm, dry weather turns vibrant green hills into dull, brown slopes. Crowded with dense undergrowth, even evergreen forests in the Sierra Nevada and fire-resistant coastal redwoods can become highly combustible. All it takes is a lightning strike, malfunctioning power lines or a careless camper.

Though the West has long been prone to wildfires, record-breaking droughts, hotter weather and population growth at the edge of urban areas are making the problem worse. Fire seasons aren’t just longer, they’re also more ferocious. Of the 20 most destructive fires in California history, 13 have…

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