Does Pouring Dish Soap in a Toilet and Tub Remove Clogs?

 Does Pouring Dish Soap in a Toilet and Tub Remove Clogs?

Online advertisements that lead to lengthy slideshow-style stories and endless “next page” clicks are perhaps not the most reliable source of information. For example, one advertisement we previously reported on said to “pour vinegar on bread and leave it in your garage.” Readers who clicked the advertisement were led to a story with 92 pages. While the ad may have meant to say “garbage,” none of the 92 pages contained information about pouring vinegar on bread.

In December 2020, advertisements about pouring dish soap down drains appeared on a number of news websites. One advertisement we found said that “pouring dish soap in the toilet is a trick to remember”:

Another said to “pour dish soap in your bath tub at night, here’s why”:

One of the advertisements led to a story on the website. “Unclog your toilet” appeared on page 20:

Clogged toilets are the worst! But with just a little dish…

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