DIY Office Furniture – CBS Sacramento

 DIY Office Furniture – CBS Sacramento

Therapy Dog Needs WheelchairThey are quick to be there for us, but now a therapy dog needs help of his own.

CBS13 Investigates: Can You Be Required To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?A recent CBS News Poll found four in ten Americans say they don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine or aren’t sure, but can they be required to get it? From employers to universities to local governments and businesses, who can legally penalize you for not getting vaccinated?

Why Some Got Shake Alerts And Others Didn’tQuestions surrounding last night’s earthquake near Lake Tahoe have shifted from “did you feel it?” to “did you get the Shake Alert?” Within seconds, thousands of phones started chirping, but many others sat silent. Here’s why.

Starlink Satellites Light Up Night SkySpoiler alert: that wasn’t the start of an alien invasion. Lighting up the night sky above us was not stars, but satellites.

Man Arrested After…

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