DIY faucet replacement: No, you don’t need a plumber’s help

 DIY faucet replacement: No, you don’t need a plumber’s help

Like many others, due to the coronavirus I’ve spent the past eight weeks working from home, trying to teach my kids
and staring at all of the home improvement projects I haven’t had time to tackle. First up on the list: changing out an old two-handle faucet and replacing it with a fancier single-handle faucet with removable spray nozzle.

Fortunately, modern plumbing and faucet design have made changing faucets easy. It’s a quick day project that makes a significant difference to the look of your space, and you can save lots of money by skipping the plumber and doing it yourself. 

So, here’s a full rundown on how you can do just that. Just note that the faucet I installed isn’t straight out of the box (we’ve had it around for awhile), so your experience may vary. 

See ya later, two-handle faucet.

Chance Lane/CNET

Out with the old

First, shut off your water. You likely have two shut-off valves under your sink, one each for the hot and cold water supply lines. Turn off the water by turning these valves clockwise. You shouldn’t need a wrench for this.


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