DIY Book Nook Shelf Inserts To Liven Up Your Bookcases

 DIY Book Nook Shelf Inserts To Liven Up Your Bookcases

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It’s been almost 15 months of various home improvement while we are all stuck more or less inside. You’ve designed the perfect reading nook. You’ve filled it with cozy reading nook items. If you’re anything like me, you’ve done more stress shopping online than perhaps is strictly within budget, but hey, ramen is cheap (and if you mix your own broth, healthy too!).

But your bookshelves, well. The combination of books, photos, and the occasional plant is classic but could also use some livening up. It’s spring and we’re all looking for something new and interesting to do. Books contain beloved worlds within their pages; what if the magic could live outside those pages as well?

My friends, I present unto you: the world of the DIY book nook shelf inserts.

Book nooks are (thick) book-sized inserts for your bookshelf….

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