DIY beer: Heads and tales of a home brewing virgin

 DIY beer: Heads and tales of a home brewing virgin

HomeBru in Bibra Lake is one, where enthusiasts can indulge in various ingredients that replicate popular styles of beer such as IPA, lager and stout. They also offer ingredients for those who want to boldly venture outside brewing the golden lager, to spirits or winemaking for example.

Brews ‘R’ Us in Greenwood, run by Craig and Adam Wilmot, is another stalwart of the local brewing scene. The brothers sell 124 different types of beer packs that, if brewed properly, will taste like its clone, be it Corona, Stella Artois or even Redback.

Some of these facilities let you brew your beer there on site, while all of them sell essential extras (such as head enhancers and sanitation products) and staffed with people who are more than willing to provide brewing advice if you hit a snag at home in your shed (as we did).

Growing up in a European household, home hobbies beyond tending the flower and vege gardens extended to making the annual sugo (red sauce), olive oil and wine from grapes in the Swan Valley, nurtured in dad’s big shed that gave our mouths just enough vino to last the year until next vintage.

Beer was very much a foreign commodity in the self-sufficient culture of us Sicilians.

So a tad of trepidation blended with eager excitement burst to the fore when we decided to embark on the home brewing beer trend while stuck at home and encouraged to not go out for a frothy.

We road-tested two home brew kits, from TWOC Brewing Supplies (HomeBru’s Deliverance kit) in Bibra…

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