Differences Between CPVC, Copper, and PEX Tubing

 Differences Between CPVC, Copper, and PEX Tubing

Plumbers have favorites and go-to’s when installing new plumbing or performing repairs. Piping options include PVC, CPVC, copper, and PEX tubing. Knowing a little about each helps you understand the difference between CPVC and PEX tubing or copper. On top of that, the debate between CPVC vs copper vs PEX rages on for reasons from price to ease of installation. We plan to cover all of this below.

Common Application: Replacing Galvanized Pipes

A lot of older homes we encounter have galvanized piping. Years ago, Pros used galvanized pipe as the defacto method for bringing potable (drinkable) water into the home. Now, however, it suffers from several disadvantages. For one, galvanized pipe corrodes internally over time. It gets bad enough that, after 30-40 years, water flow can be significantly restricted. As a result, many homeowners take every opportunity to replace galvanized piping whenever they redo a bathroom, kitchen, or another area which grants them access to the original piping of an older home.

difference between cpvc and pex copper

Comparing Labor Costs

For years copper has been the dominant format, showing up in as much as 80% of all new construction homes in the past 30 years, but CPVC is a steady force and certainly popular with remodelers and do-it-yourselfers since it doesn’t involve sweating and soldering pipes.

Each of these products has its purpose, advantages, and disadvantages. For the most part, the difference between CPVC and PEX comes down to your familiarity with the…

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