Dehumidifiers 101: What do they do and why do I need one?

 Dehumidifiers 101: What do they do and why do I need one?

By: Griff Housemeyer  |  June 7, 2021

Humidity Problem

Living in the midwest means we’re all familiar with humidity, but many homeowners aren’t familiar with how to control humidity through dehumidifiers. Few things are worse than stepping outside on a July day and feeling the hot wall of humidity hit you. While the summer especially comes to mind, the outside air is humid all year round, albeit in various degrees. That humidity can similarly enter your home and cause issues.

Aside from the environment, there are a few things you may do inside your house that can cause humidity. The first is cooking on the stove without proper ventilation. The steam from consistent cooking can cause a change in the humidity of your home. Additionally, steam from hot showers (also not properly ventilated) can add even more humidity. Because of one or multiple of these reasons, you may start to notice condensation on your walls, flat surfaces, and especially your windows. This is indication that the humidity in your home it too high.

Other signs that may indicate you have a humidity problem:

  • Musty smell or feeling, especially in older basements
  • Rotted wood
  • Mold/mildew spots, especially in bathrooms
  • Wood floors buckling
  • Water stains on walls or ceiling

How Dehumidifiers Work

If you notice these consistent problems, you’ll want to install a dehumidifier in your home. Within a week of installing, you’ll start to notice a difference and have better control over…

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