Deck the halls and sweep the chimney

 Deck the halls and sweep the chimney

If hanging stockings by the chimney with care is an annual tradition in your house, you might want to add a chimney inspection to your to-do list. 
According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, most chimney fires are caused by dirty chimneys and the majority of these fires go undetected. Slow-burning chimney fires are often not visible, but they can reach temperatures that cause just as much damage to the chimney and other parts of the house as larger fires. These disasters can be avoided with proper cleaning by a professional chimney sweep. Noah Reese, with Chimney Sweeping by Mike Wood, has been inspecting and cleaning chimneys in San Antonio and the surrounding areas for 12 years.
Company founder, Mike Wood, passed away in 2011. He started the business in 1980. Reese, who had been friends with Wood for decades, began his career by helping Wood, who gave him on the job training. Reese is now the lead technician at the San Antonio-based company, which also does dryer vent cleaning and roof repairs. Reese said as a good rule of thumb, homeowners should have a professional sweep inspect their chimney about every two years.

A: We access its safety factor, make sure that everything functions correctly. We make sure there are no obstructions in it, that does happen, especially here in South Texas. Over the spring and summer, you’ll have birds, raccoons, squirrels that will set up a nest. We make sure those are cleared out before you start using it…

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