Crash Course: Grilling for Beginners

 Crash Course: Grilling for Beginners

Is there anything more enticing to the senses than the smell of open-fire cooking? Grilling, for many people, is an intimidating process. How do you start a fire? What are the different charcoals? How do you get crosshatch marks on a steak? How do you avoid burning, well… everything?

This grilling primer is here to help. Master these fundamentals and your grilling will be a surefire success at your next weekend dinner or family gathering.

Propane grills

There are two categories of grills: gas and charcoal. Gas grills use either propane tanks or a natural gas line connected directly to the grill.

Gas grills are pretty straightforward: Controlling the fire is as simple as turning a knob. This saves time and simplifies grilling. But food cooked on gas grills lacks that classic charbroiled flavor, since the grills don’t get as hot as…

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