COVID in Canada: How did the pandemic impact life at home?

 COVID in Canada: How did the pandemic impact life at home?

More time spent at home has been one of the most widespread changes to daily life since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many Canada residents took advantage of that extra time to tackle household projects and add conveniences to their homes.

AHAM surveyed more than 1,900 Canada residents in late 2020 to find out how the pandemic has changed their habits at home, including their appliance use and purchasing habits. Here is what we learned about the changes taking place within Canadian homes during COVID.

Home projects and pastimes

Canada residents surveyed reported dedicating more time to a variety of household activities. Thirty-four percent said they spent more time on household cleaning, while 26% and 21%, respectively, reported spending more time on indoor organization projects and indoor maintenance projects than they had before COVID. Other activities that received more attention on were garage organization, lawn, landscaping or gardening projects and outdoor maintenance projects.

Many also said they had big plans for their homes in 2021. Decorating/redecorating the house was the most popular activity those surveyed (31%) said they planned to complete in 2021. Other popular choices were purchasing new furniture (29%), purchasing new major electronics (28%) and completing a home renovation (24%). Respondents also reported appliance-specific plans for 2021, including:

  • Upgrade major kitchen appliances (20%)
  • Purchase/replace countertop appliances (19%)
  • Upgrade home…

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