COVID-19 crisis is leading to big plumbing issues. Here’s how you can prevent it

 COVID-19 crisis is leading to big plumbing issues. Here’s how you can prevent it

RICHMOND, Va. — With more people being at home and using the bathroom more than normal, plumbing experts say they have received more calls about clogged drains.

And those drains aren’t necessarily being clogged by all of the toilet paper that some people have stockpiled, but more so by disinfectant wipes being flushed down the drain.

Experts believe the scarcity of toilet paper has left others scrambling and sometimes using other options for sanitary purposes.

James Ferrell with Michael and Son Services in Richmond says since the pandemic on average they get at least 16 or more calls a day because of it.

“Almost every day we definitely get a call about the lines being backed up,” said Ferrell. “I know a lot of customers are at home during this time. And they’re not really thinking too much about it until the issue arrives.”

Experts say a lot of people choose to flush wipes and other thick paper materials down the drains instead of throwing them away, thinking that’s the better option.

But ultimately it could cost hundreds even thousands of dollars to have the problem fixed or even have pipes repaired.

“Over a period of time, what I always tell customers it’s like a clogged artery and over a period of time it’s going to get smaller and smaller. In the Richmond and the surrounding areas, that’s definitely going to be a recommendation… because the pipes are just that old.”

Public health agencies and experts recommend to not flush any wipes, paper towels, or sanitary…

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