Common Home Repairs – Simple Fixes You Can Do on Your Own

 Common Home Repairs – Simple Fixes You Can Do on Your Own

If you’re looking to flex your DIY muscles, you’ve come to the right place. Here are detailed how-to instructions for tackling seven simple home repairs, ranging from unclogging sinks and silencing squeaky doors to cleaning moldy surfaces and soaking up oily stains.

And all you need are a few simple hand tools, a free afternoon, and the willingness to get things done. Okay, let’s get started!

Clogged Bathroom Sink

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The secret to unclogging a bathroom sink is to use a two-prong attack, starting with an ordinary sink plunger, which, despite its simplicity, is amazingly effective at dislodging clogs. However, to ensure that the plunger’s power is delivered directly to the clog, you must first cover the overflow hole on the side of the sink. Otherwise, when you begin plunging, the plunger will just suck air in and out of the overflow hole, delivering no pressure to the clog.

Caution: Always wear eye goggles when using a plunger. And never plunge a sink in which you’ve poured a chemical cleaner down the drain. Caustic chemicals could splash out and burn your skin.

Cover the sink’s overflow hole with your thumb (you probably want to wear gloves) or stuff a damp rag into it. Then, turn on the faucet to fill the drainpipe and bottom of the sink with water. (Replacing the air in the pipe with water increases the plunger’s effectiveness.) Press the rubber cup of the plunger down tightly…

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