Commercial Roll Up Door Troubleshooting

 Commercial Roll Up Door Troubleshooting

Commercial roll-up doors are the common types of garage doors used for retail properties or warehouse businesses to store their supplies.

However, as time passes by, it’s not always assured that the garage door continues to function as efficiently as it once was.

Due to either age or everyday wear and tear, the garage door is bound to experience an issue or a malfunction in its system.

To avoid this, one must perform a commercial roll up door troubleshooting to maintain the overhead door’s health.

Incorrect garage door installation could also be one of the leading causes of why commercial garage doors tend to act faulty in the long run.

It will be stressful for the company employees to encounter a defective roll-up door every time they try to stock up on new supplies inside the warehouse.

Read on to learn more about what other driving factors could cause the commercial garage door to mess up.

Improper Leveling

Carefully observe the roll-up door’s level and placement.

Usually, when the level placing was not done correctly upon the door’s installation, it causes a faulty roll-up door problem.

To check this, look at the door as it opens or closes and note whether the commercial garage door’s leveling is balanced.

Owners could also do a balance test by setting the garage door open halfway.

The balance test is done by placing a wooden plank on the garage door’s center and inspecting whether the garage door is positioned straight or slightly crooked.

Right from the start of the commercial door’s installation, it’s important not to just “eyeball” the retail roll-up door level.

Doing so could lead to complications such as stuck doors, misalignment of tracks, and plenty more issues when left ignored.

Overturned Door Spring

The external parts of the roll-up door consist of the springs, tracks, and rollers.

These tools support the roll-up door to open or close despite its heavy weight.

The springs of the door come in two types: the torsion and extension spring.

These two types of springs release the right amount of tension to lift the garage door open at the right amount of speed.

However, over-tensioned springs can put these tools into danger.

Repairing damaged springs are dangerous to handle on your own.

Additionally, selecting the wrong tension level for the roll-up door can cause the door to malfunction.

The worst thing that can happen when leaving overturned roll-up door springs would be your entire garage door falling apart.

In fact, hospitals have even recorded many reports of homeowners getting injured because of a broken garage door.

Thus, it is advisable to do commercial roll up door troubleshooting in situations where a broken spring is involved.

Seek professional help immediately.

Roll-up Track Damaged

The garage door tracks are found above and at the sides of the entire garage door set up.

Over usage of the garage door can cause misalignment to its tracks and could be one of the leading causes of the door becoming defective.

Owners must regularly maintain these metal tracks to help them work at their peak performance.

Rust build-up and dents are the common issues found in the metal tracks.

Applying lubricant can help reduce rust build-up.

However, when it comes to fixing dents, it is advisable to seek professional help when it comes to hammering or replacing the metal track.

It’s always best to take safety precautions when dealing with misaligned or damaged tracks, which is why DIY repair shouldn’t be done when trying to deal with tracks.

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