Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair Company in Miami

 Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair Company in Miami

The garage door opener is a small yet powerful device that prompts the garage door panel to open and close.

However, despite its functional role, many garage owners take the device’s upkeep for granted.

Keep in mind that the garage door opens and closes a thousand times a year and this includes the door opener.

If you overlook inspecting the device regularly, the unit will inevitably wear out and stop working eventually.

The mild yet progressive symptoms a faulty hardware exhibits will damage your garage door opener.

We have a quick guide to help you troubleshoot your hardware just in time for you to pull your car out of the garage.

If any of these quick fixes didn’t manage to get your hardware back to its optimal condition–call for a professional technician’s help.

305 Garage Door Services is open 24 hours a day for technical support.

We provide a range of commercial garage door opener repairs in Miami.

Opener Motor Reverses After Opening/Closing

We all understand the hassle of having your garage door motor reverse just as it closes or opens.

More often than not, grimy or misaligned sensors are the roots of this issue.

Over time, gunk and dust can build up and cover your garage door sensors, or minor bumps and impacts can move the sensors out of alignment.

You can clean your sensors by wiping them with a dry microfiber cloth, making sure the lenses are free from dirt and muck.

But if the problem persists, you may have to realign the sensors.

If done poorly, the sensors could trip off and send a bad signal to the opener unit.

Irregular Door Opener Movement

If your garage door jerks or stalls mid-operation, you may want to check out the remote control and wall switch connection.

A pair of dead batteries is commonly the culprit for an intermittent garage door opener movement.

You can check your batteries’ voltage level by testing it with a voltmeter.

But if they still have enough juice to power the remote, consider checking the opener’s wiring circuits or logic board.

More often than not, capacitors and sensitive transistors in the garage door opener’s logic board can blow out, resulting in a jerking or unresponsive garage door motor.

Attempting to replace a busted capacitor or logic board may result in expensive damages or fire hazards.

We highly encourage you to call for a professional technician in dealing with malfunctioning hardware.

Vibrating Garage Door Opener Motor

Traditional chain drive door openers would normally produce noise and vibration more than tolerable levels.

However, if you have a loose chain, worn-out drive gears, and a damaged trolley carriage, you should notice your garage motor vibrating excessively.

Other possible causes might also include damaged fixtures, bent motor shafting, and insufficient anti-vibration pads.

Over time, the motor’s vibration would loosen the mounting bolts and screws, causing the heavy opener hub to fall.

That’s why it’s best to have a reliable garage door technician for a reliable garage door repair.

Strange Noises in Garage Door Opener

If you have a newly installed belt drive garage motor, hearing a loud and strange noise from the unit implies a mild to severe problem with its components.

Noise from skipping chains or grinding drive gear indicates a damaged drive component, either the drive gear, trolley gear, or the motor itself.

Replacing the drive components may require disassembling the entire trolley system and looking for the exact part model.

Using a different gear size could change the gear ratio, forcing the motor to increase torque or raise the panel at a slower pace.

Defective Garage Door Opener Wall Switch

Pressing your door opener wall switch several times every day for years will wear off internal components and lead to connectivity issues.

By checking the garage door’s indicator lights, you will know whether the switch and motor unit are receiving electricity.

Besides that, ground faults and damaged wires can also interrupt the garage door opener and wall switch connection.

Check for any electrical faults in your garage by inspecting the circuit breaker or a ground fault circuit interrupter, if you have any.

If any of those breakers have tripped off, it’s a sign that you need to have a professional inspect your garage’s electrical wiring.

Attempting to troubleshoot any ground faults may lead to electrocution or severe injuries.

It’s best to leave it to garage door repair specialists who have the tools and experience dealing with electrical systems in your garage.


The safest and easiest way to deal with any garage door problems is to seek professional help.

Not only the professional technician will provide thorough services, but it also saves you time and spending on unnecessary repairs.

Also, if you continue to neglect minor issues, it will worsen over time.

To avoid damaging other components and exposing your employees at risk, call us anytime!

Our team of experts will repair, replace, and install any garage door opener motor for all brands and models.

Contact us now and experience a reliable garage door repair service with an affordable repair cost.

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