Commercial Air Duct Cleaning NYC

 Commercial Air Duct Cleaning NYC

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Learn The Advantages Of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in NYC From United Hood Cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning is a way your business can save money on utilities while improving indoor air quality. This happens when dust, dirt, and debris are removed from the HVAC system you have in place.

Why This Is Important

Clean air ducts are crucial so that you and your employees aren’t breathing in airborne allergens and contaminants. In manufacturing settings with combustible dust present, air duct cleaning also seriously reduces fire risks in the HVAC system.

Dirty air ducts also waste money. Filters get loaded quickly, and air handlers undergo unnecessary stress. Airflow can also be restricted due to blockages in VAV boxes, mixing boxes, reheat coils, and many other HVAC system components.

The United States Department of Energy says that up to 40 percent of all energy used for your cooling and heating can be wasted because of dirty air ducts. In fact, the EPA says that an accumulation of less than half an inch can decrease efficiency by almost a quarter.

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Specific Benefits of United Hood Cleaning

– The air duct cleaning processes that United Hood Cleaning in NYC utilizes results in numerous benefits, including, but not limited to the following:

-Improved air quality indoors

-Reduced potential for future mold growth

-Extended life cycles for HVAC equipment

-Healthier environments for those with allergies

-Unpleasant odors removed

-Lower utility bills

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What United Hood Cleaning Does

The experts and professionals of United Hood Cleaning start with connecting powerful vacuums to the air ductwork. Then, commercial- and/or industrial-grade equipment and products are utilized in dislodging dirt, dust, debris, and contaminants throughout the air duct system. These contaminants are pulled from the air ducts and filtered out so that only clean air remains. After the cleaning is done, the team reseals all access holes so that the air duct system is brand new again.

Suggested Cleaning And Inspection Schedule

Every commercial facility has its own needs, but in general, there are guidelines you should follow after a good cleaning. Commercial, industrial, and healthcare facilities should have their air handling unit, supply ductwork, and return ductwork inspected and cleaned annually. Marine installations should follow suit for their air handling units, but both their supply and return ductwork might get by with bi-annual inspections and cleanings.

Why Choose United Hood Cleaning?

  1. Flexible scheduling is a big factor, as their service techs can work fast while respecting the needs of your work environment. They can either work when your team isn’t there or quietly work around them if they are present.
  1. Secondly, they show up on time, highly trained, fully certified, and completely background checked. When they arrive, they’re ready to work, and they only need to do the job once since they’ll do it right the first time.
  1. Third, they will offer maintenance suggestions and packages that keep your system running at peak efficiency long after everything was thoroughly cleaned. You can trust the service professionals that show up because they’ve already been thoroughly vetted and are ready to go.

Contact Us Today

If you know you need commercial air duct cleaning, then contact United Hood Cleaning right away at (888) 889-3828. You can also contact them for free quotes, consultations, and inspections if you’re not sure your HVAC needs cleaning yet or not.

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