Cold snaps

 Cold snaps

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A woman throwing hot water into the cold air to produce the so-called “Mpemba effect” at Berlin’s Drachenberg (dragon’s hill) on Saturday.

Heavy snowfall across Germany last week disrupted flights and road and rail travel, with Germans warned to stay home as temperatures plunged to their lowest so far this winter. Many train services were cancelled or delayed, while motorists were forced to spend the night in their cars on one motorway in northern Germany.


A child looking at a giant snowman in snow-covered Victoria Park in Glasgow last Tuesday.

Britain recorded the lowest temperature in 26 years last Thursday after a bitingly cold blast of Siberian weather swirled in from Russia, pushing temperatures down to minus 23 deg C in the Scottish Highlands.

United States

A skier making his way down a hill on Saturday in Seattle, Washington, as a large winter storm dropped layers of snow across the region.

Ice storm warnings, winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories were issued across a thick belt of the US, from Seattle to South Texas, with many areas reporting brutally low temperatures.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency on Saturday, saying the weather had created “extensive damage” and left hundreds of thousands without power.


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