Clients Review Advanced Chimney Sweeps

 Clients Review Advanced Chimney Sweeps

At Advanced Chimney Sweeps, we provide chimney cleaning in Woodstock and beyond. We always strive to provide the best service possible, whether it’s a chimney inspection or installing gas logs for your new fireplace. Customer reviews allow potential clients to get an idea of the level of our service.

Advanced Chimney Sweep Testimonials

We got quotes from several companies for various chimney repairs. We were very happy with the work that Marcus did for us. He was courteous and professional and did a great job.

-Rob F.

I received quotes from multiple chimney companies. They ranged from $3k to $21k (complete rebuild). Advanced Chimney Sweeps fit all of my requirements to do the repairs. The repairs they suggested made sense and were fairly priced. Caleb is our technician. He is awesome. The repairs were done a year ago, but to keep my warranty I have to have it inspected annually. Caleb came out during the pandemic and was extremely respectful and careful in our home. I highly recommend Advanced Chimney and Caleb.

-Tracy S. 

I called Advanced Chimney Sweeps because we were having a problem with our gas fireplace. Jennifer was able to schedule an appointment within a couple of days. Caleb, the technician showed up on time and after inspecting the fireplace said that everything looked good except that the gas logs probably needed to be rearranged. After he reassembled the logs he tested the fire and it never before looked so good. Thanks!

-Claude Nafziger

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