Choosing the Right Garage Door Installer in North Carolina

 Choosing the Right Garage Door Installer in North Carolina

Installing a new garage door offers an exceptionally impressive return on your investment. The right garage door can improve your home’s curb appeal, make your home more secure and offer you the convenience you’re looking for. There are many occasions when it’s time to replace an existing garage door.

When you decide to replace your garage door at home or at your business, or when you’re looking to install a garage door for the first time as part of a new construction project, the question is, “Who should you hire?” Hiring the right garage door installation company is important if you want to have a positive experience and get an attractive, well-functioning garage door you love.

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We’re going to offer some guidance to help you with choosing a garage door installer. Specifically, we’re considering how you can find the best garage door installers in North Carolina, though our advice is valid no matter where you call home. When you partner with the best for your garage door installation, you can expect great results and get the most out of your investment.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Installer

When you choose to install a new garage door, whether it’s part of a new construction project or to replace an existing garage door, you may wonder whether you need to hire professional installers at all. After all, the internet is full of DIY instructions and tips that may be able to guide you through the process yourself. This is not a project most homeowners should tackle on their own, though.

Simply put, if you want professional results, you need to hire a professional installer. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should hire a professional garage door technician:

  • Experience: A professional installer will likely have plenty of experience that allows them to install your garage door more effectively than you could. Some home projects may lend themselves well to a DIY approach, but this isn’t one of them. Professional installers have valuable expertise that allows them to solve any problems quickly and install your garage door effectively.
  • Time: One reason you should think twice about trying to install your own garage door us that it can be a time-consuming project since you have to start from scratch learning the steps and figuring out the process as you go. When you hire a professional to install your garage door, the project will be completed efficiently so you don’t have to wait for your new garage door to boost your home’s curb appeal.
  • Safety: Since professional installers have experience installing garage doors, they know how to stay safe on the job. Installing a garage door if you’re inexperienced can be a dangerous undertaking and could result in some unfortunate injuries. When you want to prioritize safety, hiring a professional installer is definitely the way to go.
  • Equipment: If you attempt to install your garage door yourself, you may end up having to make a trip to the hardware store for equipment to make the installation possible or more convenient. Professional installers, however, will have all the equipment on hand that they need to get the job done.
  • Warranty: An amateur garage door installation could void your garage door’s warranty since the warranty will likely include some standards for installation. A professional installer will have the expertise needed to meet the manufacturer’s standards so you don’t need to worry about voiding your warranty.
  • Convenience: Finally, hiring a professional technician to install your garage door makes your life easier. By entrusting this task to a professional, you can forgo the hassle of figuring out how to tackle the project on your own. When you partner with the right installer, your installation will be taken care of swiftly and with an expert level of care and attention to detail so you can expect great results.

When you want to make your life easier and get the job done right, you should leave your garage door installation to the professionals. If you attempt to install your garage door yourself, you run the risk of getting injured, wasting time or running into problems you can’t solve. A professional will handle every aspect of your installation so all you have to do is appreciate the great results.

Find a Reputable Garage Door Installer

As we’ve seen, there are some major benefits to hiring a professional garage door installer, but to capitalize on these benefits, you want to hire the best garage door installer in your area. For the remainder of this post, we’re going to focus on how to choose a garage door installer in North Carolina that meets or exceeds your expectations so you are confident in the results of your garage door installation.

One of the first things you want to pay attention to when you start to compare some installers to partner with is their reputations. There are a few ways you can form an accurate impression of a company’s reputation, including:

  • Personal recommendations: If you have any friends, family, coworkers or neighbors who recently had new garage doors installed at their home or business, ask them which local company they hired and what their experience was like. One person’s personal recommendation doesn’t mean everything, but it can help steer you in the right direction.
  • Online reviews: Today, many people turn to online reviews to help them determine whether to hire a business. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they trust a local business more when they see positive reviews. Online review platforms allow previous customers to share their unfiltered opinions, which lends a special level of credibility to them. While no single review should be taken as gospel, a wealth of positive reviews is always a great sign.
  • Published testimonials: You can also check a company’s website or informational pamphlets they hand out to see if they share any testimonials from previous customers. While companies aren’t likely to share negative testimonials, these testimonials can still be valuable since they provide some insight into what sets this company apart. Are they known for efficiency or excellent customer service? Maybe they offer special discounts or superior results.
  • Better Business Bureau rating: Another smart strategy is to check to see whether a business is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and how the BBB has rated the business. BBB ratings don’t factor in customer reviews, so they’re a good objective measure to consider. Look for a business with an A or A+ rating, which indicates they are a company you can trust.

Using all four of the strategies above can help you determine whether a company has the reputation to give you peace of mind and a high level of confidence that you’ll be satisfied with their work.

Stick to Installers With Local Expertise

We’ve mentioned hiring local garage door installers, but you may find an out-of-town installer that works within a broader radius and is willing to come to you or you may encounter a company that comes through your area temporarily to do business. We recommend sticking with local garage door installers since they will know your area best. You may wonder why local expertise matters when it comes to garage doors.

There are a couple of reasons. One is that, as a general rule, you can expect a company focused on your local area to provide better customer service than a larger company that isn’t located in your city. Local companies tend to have a vested interest in their community and in maintaining a positive reputation and presence among local customers.

Another reason locality matters is because your geographical location should play a role in the process of choosing the right garage door for you. Ideally, you’ll want your garage door dealer and installer to come from the same company. Partnering with a local company means your dealer can assist you with picking a garage door that’s well-suited to your environment.

For example, in North Carolina, most of us should be concerned with installing a garage door that is well insulated so we can keep the heat from infiltrating our homes on those hot summer days. Homeowners on North Carolina’s coast will want to choose a garage door that stands up to salty sea air. In other parts of the country, other weather factors like heavy rainfall, snow or ice may be an issue that plays into choosing the right garage door installer.

When you partner with a local company for your garage door installation, you can expect them to treat you like a neighbor and use their local knowledge to help you make the best decision for your home or business.

Choose a Garage Door Company With Experience

Some general contractors or handy people you know may be willing to install a garage door for you, but you want to work with an experienced garage door installer. This could be a garage door installation contractor with specialized knowledge or a professional technician from a garage door installation company. Installing garage doors is an unlicensed trade in North Carolina, making it especially important that you consider a company’s reputation and their level of experience before hiring them.

You can trust an experienced, knowledgeable installer to understand the details surrounding a quality garage door installation. It’s especially helpful if they have experience installing the particular garage door setup you purchase. If you work with a dealer who also employs installers, then there’s a great chance your installer will be familiar with your garage door system.

Experience doesn’t just come down to the individual technician who installs your garage door. You want to look for a well-established company with years of experience. A company that has been around for decades has had time to learn the best practices for hiring the best technicians and satisfying their customers.

Being around for a while also gives a garage door installation company a chance to demonstrate their commitment or lack thereof to customer satisfaction. As we mentioned in the last section, you want to consider word-of-mouth information from friends and family, online reviews and testimonials on a company’s website to form a picture of how the company treats their customers. This can help you determine whether they would be a good fit for your installation project.

Ask Questions About Their Business

When you’ve found a local company with years of experience and a positive reputation, then you can end your search here, but you may still want to ask a few questions — especially if you’ve narrowed your search down to a couple of businesses and need to make a final decision. Let’s look at some examples of questions you may want to ask:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Which garage door manufacturer’s products do you sell?
  • How much experience do your technicians have with installations?
  • Do you maintain insurance for your workers?
  • When could I expect my installation to be completed?
  • Do you guarantee your work or offer any sort of warranty or service plan?
  • Can I hire your company in the future for my garage door maintenance?
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
  • What payment plans do you offer customers?

Depending on what information you find in your search and what you’re still left wondering, you may come up with some questions of your own. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions as long as they are relevant to the business’s reputation and operations or the products they sell. Remember, if a company brushes off your questions or seems annoyed that you’re asking them, this is a red flag. As the customer, you should always feel welcome to ask questions that help you feel confident in your choice, and businesses should be eager to share their answers.

In addition to the questions above, you’ll likely also want to ask about pricing. Garage door companies should be willing to give you a free quote for your installation so you can make an informed decision.

Choose Marvin’s Garage Doors for Installation Services in North Carolina

Choosing a garage door dealer in North Carolina doesn’t have to be a difficult process. When you want to work with the best, partner with Marvin’s Garage Doors. If you live in or near the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, whether it be Wilkesboro, Winston Salem, Boone, East Bend or anywhere else, Marvin’s Garage Doors is your local, trusted source for garage door installations. Our family-owned business has been in operation for nearly half a century, so we’ve had plenty of time to develop a reputation for excellence in all we do.

As certified Clopay garage door dealers, we can help you choose from Clopay’s extensive catalog of industry-leading products so you can select the perfect garage door for your home or business. Our certified professionals can also provide you with the expert services you need, whether for new installations or existing garage door repairs.

For quality garage door installations from a company you can trust in Northwestern North Carolina, contact Marvin’s today. We’re happy to answer your questions so you can be confident you’re working with the best.

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