Choosing a Swimming Pool Finish โ€“ The Best Pool Finishes

 Choosing a Swimming Pool Finish โ€“ The Best Pool Finishes

One of the most exciting decisions you will make when building a new swimming pool is what type of pool finishes to incorporate.

Pool finishes not only add color and texture to your pool, they protect the concrete from wear and can also help prevent water seepage.

Choosing a pool finish may seem overwhelming initially, due to the many options, colors, and styles. Below, we will offer you some guidance on different pool finish types, to help you narrow the field.

Plaster Pool Finishes

Plaster is a mix of cement, aggregate, and water. Plaster pool finishes can be mixed with the color of your choice and can provide an iconic yet simplistic appearance. A plaster pool finish is typically the least expensive option out of all pool finishes.

Plaster pool finishes can be rough to the touch and can scrape skin. Plaster is also algae-friendly, so additional pool maintenance may be required to keep algae at bay.

Plaster can crack, stain, and scale, especially if your water chemistry is not maintained at ideal levels.

Plaster is the least durable of the pool interior finishes available. It will need replacement in approximately 5-10 years.

Quartz Aggregate Pool Finishes

Esthetically pleasing, quartz pool finishes are a blend of plaster, silica, and quartz aggregate. The aggregate is mechanically tumbled to create rounded shapes embedded into the mix.

Quartz pool finishes have beautifully colored ceramic pigments bonded onto their surfaces, creating a dazzling effect.

Quartz has a…

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