Chlorine Shortage May Ruin Rockford’s Swimming Pool Season

 Chlorine Shortage May Ruin Rockford’s Swimming Pool Season

If you’re prepping for opening up that swimming pool for the Rockford summer season, you’ll want to read this because a national chlorine shortage is widespread and it will likely get worse, which will drive chlorine prices even higher.

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll admit to being a pool owner. Ours is nothing special, just an above-ground, 10,000 gallon pool that we’ve had for about 14 years now. If you’re picturing a gorgeous water spot surrounded by lush greenery and landscaping, you’ve got the wrong place in mind.

Nonetheless, a chlorine shortage that’s about to affect the entire nation is going to affect me, too. Not nearly as much as it will affect hotels and motels, swimming complexes, or states that have weather that allows year-round usage of swimming pools. reports that a combination of factors has led to the difficulties in obtaining chlorine, including an unprecedented surge in demand last year and…

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