Chlorine Shortage Hits Home: Causes and Alternate Solutions

 Chlorine Shortage Hits Home: Causes and Alternate Solutions

As you’re well aware, we’re currently experiencing a gasoline shortage. Unfortunately, gasoline isn’t the only shortage we expect to see this year. The upcoming 2021 summer season is at risk of a chlorine shortage, too. Here we will attempt to explain the root causes, the potential effects and what you, as a homeowner, can do to mitigate the risk of running out.

What’s Causing the Chlorine Shortage?

One of the biggest causes of the chlorine shortage is a trickle-down effect as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic shut everything down. No one went anywhere. Pools weren’t open. Yet summer still came. It still got hot. And funds earmarked for vacations were suddenly freed up. So backyard personal pools, both inground and above ground, exploded in sudden, unexpected growth.

This meant the typical usage of chlorine quickly accelerated. As if that wasn’t enough to reduce surplus levels of chlorine, there was a fire. But not just any fire. A massive fire at one of the only three domestic producers of chlorine tablets in the US burned to the ground in August 2020 immediately following the wrath of Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, LA. Only two plants remained to meet an excessive demand.

What Does a Chlorine Shortage Mean?

It could be more difficult to acquire chlorine in various forms, including tablet, powder and liquid. Chlorine is an important component in keeping your pool clean, safe and healthy to use. It protects against water-spread…

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