Chimney sweepers booked as homeowners prepare for cold weather | KLRT

 Chimney sweepers booked as homeowners prepare for cold weather | KLRT

SHERWOOD, Ark. — One chimney sweep company said they have been busy since August but this week people are motivated by the cold weather. “Phones are ringing off the hook,” Owner of A1 Chimney Pros, Calvin Ralls said. “We’re getting emails, having to call people back… and so it’s very very busy.”

As the cold front moves through Central Arkansas, it’s all hands on deck for A1 Chimney Pro, a Chimney sweep company based in Mayflower. 

“It’s hetic right now,” Ralls said. “We’ve got four trucks running full time with two guys on each truck.”

Tuesday, crews are helping several Arkansans across the state prepare their chimneys before using them. 

A typical call includes an annual safety inspection which is required by law. 
“It’s kind of like changing the oil in your car, you know,” Ralls said. “If your car breaks down not too bad you can just pull it over on the side of the road but if your fire place breaks in the middle of you using it or a chimney fire that can spread to the rest of your home. So that’s a very serious thing.”

One homeowner we spoke to said they never used their chimney and they moved in, in 2014. 

Now they are being proactive instead of reactive and Ralls encourages others to do the same.
Here are some other tips for everyone when using your chimney:

  1. Pay attention to the fire
  2. Be mindful of the ashes that you move and put into a paper bag or plastic because that can cause a fire. Try using…

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