Can Sunscreen Affect a Swimming Pool’s Water?

 Can Sunscreen Affect a Swimming Pool’s Water?

In the last thirty years, swimmers have become more conscientious about skincare and avoiding skin damage caused by long hours exposed under the sun.  Sunscreen products come in many formats, including spray. While people find ways to protect their skins from the sun, they forget how it can affect the pool’s water. However, it should be a regular part of a swimming routine.

Sunscreen and Health

Sunscreen is a health product because it offers plenty of advantages for the skin. Apply the product before entering or after exiting the oasis. Now, what sunscreen is best?

There are many options to choose. There are SPF levels, water-resistant, and choosing between cream and spray. On the other hand, the Food and Drug Administration states that SPF levels do not make a difference. For example, if there is a sunscreen product with SPF 100 and another with SPF 50, it does not choose the higher number but applies it to the skin. SPF 100 sunscreens block up to 99% of UVB rays. On the other hand, SPF 50 can block up to 98%.

Using a higher SPF does not mean that a swimmer can stay under the sun for an extended time. Instead, a sunscreen with zinc oxide will be best. There are also other ingredients like benzophenones, titanium dioxide, and salicylates.  

If you plan to swim, ensure to choose a water-resistant sunscreen. Based on FDA’s information, water-resistant means that the SPF will stay effective even after being in the water for forty minutes or…

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