Can Rain Affect the Water in Your Swimming Pool?

 Can Rain Affect the Water in Your Swimming Pool?

Sun, warm weather, swimming in a pool with friends and family is what summertime is all about. Unfortunately, it also means rainfalls from time to time. Some people believe that rain will not affect a swimming pool; some facts present the contrary. Rainwater is acidic. It involves the chemicals in the pool’s water and can change the pH balance and alkalinity level.  

Another problem with acidic rain is that it makes the water corrosive that can affect the plaster and ceramic in an oasis. Of course, a light rain won’t hurt much, but there are other places where it rains practically every day.


Other factors on how rain can affect a swimming pool:

  • Rainwater causes the pH levels to rise and TA levels to fall due to chemical dilution.
  • Chlorine is less active, so it will not kill the microorganisms and keep the water clean.
  • Rain can bring algae spores and other debris, like dust, that can submerge into the water, making it murky and, if not treated quickly, sun rays can accelerate the growth of algae.
  • The appearance of algae, mold and mildew on the tiles is another situation. The rain can also disseminate algae, which will give a green color to the water. When rainwater falls into a pool, the water’s pH and chlorine alter, which can cause the appearance of fungi and bacteria in the pool.
  • The rainwater is usually a different temperature than the pool, contrasting the temperature between the rainwater and the water in the pool, which alters the pool’s…

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