Buying a Pool Online? Don’t Fall for Scams

 Buying a Pool Online? Don’t Fall for Scams

Rather than packing up the car or catching a flight to the beach, some consumers are planning for another summer spent in the backyard.

But scammers are ready to capitalize on a spike in consumer interest in above-ground swimming pools.

44News spoke to Oana Schneider with the Tri-State Better Business Bureau with ways you can avoid the seasonal scam.

Why are above ground pools a target for scammers?

Above-ground pools are typically more affordable than in-ground pools, last long enough for families to enjoy in years ahead and are relatively easy to install. It also makes for an easier opportunity for potential scammers to take advantage of the situation by creating suspicious websites.

What does the BBB recommend for people looking to buy an above ground pool?

  • Beware of prices that seem too good to be true
    • People are often lured in with prices they don’t want to pass up, but end up paying for a pool that never arrives, or the pool delivered is not what was expected
  • Confirm the company’s physical…

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