Burning questions about safe storage at home

 Burning questions about safe storage at home

By Bertus Visser

Other than the inconvenience of precariously stacked items kept in cluttered garages, there may be hidden dangers in the items you are storing on your premises. In our post-pandemic environment, some businesses have shut down or you may be working from home more often. For whatever reason, some people may be storing work chemicals in home garages or second bedrooms. Even if you own the property where such items are kept, it might not be legal or safe to do so.

Ensuring you adhere to the law is important from an insurance perspective, to ensure you remain covered, so here are some of the burning issues to consider when it comes to safely storing chemicals at home.

The law’s cold shoulder

Properties zoned as ‘residential’ must be used in line with their official zoning. This includes both freestanding homes and townhouses or blocks of flats. It is illegal to conduct a process or activity on a property, when it is…

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