Burnham-Designed Kenilworth Landmark Sold For $5 Million

 Burnham-Designed Kenilworth Landmark Sold For $5 Million

KENILWORTH, IL โ€” One of the village’s most historic homes sold this week for $5 million. The Classical Revival-style Root-Badger House was designed for Chicago music publisher Frank Root in 1892 and listed a century later on the National Register of Historic Places.

The stately home’s listing on the National Register credits its design to renowned architect Daniel Burnham, the visionary behind the Plan of Chicago.

But according to the Chicago Architecture Center, plans for Frank Root House were actually drawn up by Franklin Pierce Burnham, the prolific Kenilworth Company architect who was not related to Daniel.

But Daniel Burnham supposedly did offer some support to the Kenilworth design, including providing pillars from the site of the 1893 Columbian Exposition, where he was busy as the director of works and unable to commit to the project, according to the center.

After Root โ€” the home’s second owner, according to Chicago…

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